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Bridge the Return-to-Work Gap

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Tuesday, September 19th
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Bridge the Return-to-Work Gap: A Hands-On Guide to Creating Functional Job Tasks

Unlock the secrets to bridging the return-to-work gap at our first-ever Workshop Event at National Comp! Join us to gain valuable insights and tools that you can apply to your own job sites and cultures. This workshop is designed to help you optimize your RTW programs and identify barriers that impede effective implementation. 

This workshop will provide attendees with the necessary knowledge and tools to bridge the return-to-work gap from injury to full duty. We will review the basics of understanding and applying functional movement patterns in order to bridge the RTW gap at individual sites. Additionally, we will discuss how organizations can use post-offer testing as well as various tools for collecting movement data in order to formulate your best practices for RTW. Attendees will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how better focus on functional activity can be the foundation for building more effective RTW programs.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding injury/pathology and goals of rehabilitation back to work
  • Identify current barriers within specific sites to build the spectrum of healing
  • Be able to understand the foundational aspects to direct a successful functional activity build

National Comp
Workshop Instructor

Andrea Dosedla, MS, LAT

Andrea has been an athletic trainer within the industrial setting for eight years; working in various environments including manufacturing, distribution, utility and construction. She began at Quad five years ago, with the intent to bring injury prevention knowledge to the manufacturing floor. Working within OSHA standards of first aid and providing ongoing ergonomic evaluations as a part of the program, Andrea works to maintain a healthy workforce and thrives in working with active populations.

Andrea played in integral role in evolving the program that won Quad a Teddy Award for workers' comp and injury prevention excellence in 2022.We are proud to bring Andrea back to the National Comp stage, both as a speaker on our conference program, and as an instructor for our inaugural Comp Workshop.

Course Preview

Hour 1 (foundation)
Introduction to RTW. Concept review. Value based RTW. Factors considered. Identify roles in your RTW. Barries to successful RTW.
Group session – identification of personal onsite RTW, barriers and cultural/activity influences
Hour 2
Science behind injury. Chronic vs. acute. The industrial athlete model. The healing process. CMSDs and long term pain/disability. Movement medicine. No two injuries are the same. Goals of the provider.
Workgroup session on restrictions – application to bridging the gap
Hour 3
Creating your timeline. Collecting data. Spectrum building. Start to finish of functional patterns. View from the provider. Plan for communication. Job task analysis.
Building functional task list. Identify light duty work.
Hour 4