Advisory Board

National Comp is grateful for the knowledge and experience of its dedicated team of advisors.

Michelle Kerr

Conference Chair
Workers’ Compensation Editor, 
Risk & Insurance®

Denise Algire

Program Co-Chair
Director of Risk Initiatives &
National Medical Director, Albertsons Companies

William Zachry

Program Co-Chair
Board Member
California State Compensation Insurance Fund

Stuart Colburn

Program Advisor
Shareholder, Downs & Stanford, P.C.

Tyrone Spears, ARM, WCCP, IPMA-SCP

Program Advisor
Division Chief, CEO, and Adjunct
City of Los Angeles

Kenneth Eichler

Program  Advisor
Health Solutions
American Medical Association
National comp affiliated with the institutes
2020 marked the beginning of a new era for the largest workers' compensation conference in the country. Now under the ownership of The Institutes Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group, our program has been realigned to better serve the needs of a rapidly changing industry for the companies, organizations, and workers that depend on it.

National Comp is now presented by Risk & Insurance®, which covers the people, stories, and risks that embody the essential functions of risk management and commercial insurance. Now an affiliate of The Institutes, R&I is dedicated to bringing the workers' compensation community together to share challenges and opportunities, and the latest solutions and innovations. Our mission is to provide a platform for industry leaders and executives to collaborate and build the solutions that will drive the workers' compensation industry forward.