Beyond Physical: Improving Recovery for Injured Employees Requires a Holistic Approach

There are two individuals with the exact same injury. One takes eight weeks to recover and get back to work. The other takes 16 weeks. These variations in recovery time are a common occurrence, but why does this happen? Join us as we go “beyond the physical” and dig into the complexities of biopsychosocial factors that play a role in an employee’s recovery from a workplace injury.

Hear from Dr. Marcos Iglesias, Chief Medical Director - Medical Innovation and Strategy Team at Travelers, as he explores the biological, psychological and social elements that compound a physical injury. Ironically, the traditional method of only treating the physical injury can actually lengthen recovery times and increase workers’ compensation costs. In contrast, the biopsychosocial model offers a better picture of the whole person, which is imperative to aligning the resources needed to head down the shorter path to recovery.

See how this knowledge can be put to practice through real-life customer testimonials from Linda Foy, Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management from Catholic Health. Get insights from Rich Ives, Vice President of Claims for Constitution State Services, on a progressive approach to holistic care through a personalized, injured employee-centered experience enabled by virtual capabilities.

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Dr. Marcos Iglesias
Chief Medical Director, Travelers
Dr. Iglesias is a seasoned physician executive and national speaker with 30 years of experience in workers' comp and disability treatment, evaluation and insurance leadership. His professional interests include the prevention and mitigation of delayed recovery and disability. His passion for helping workers live active, productive and fulfilling lives has led him to develop innovative comprehensive disability management solutions that focus on early identification of risk factors and appropriate early interventions to return workers to pre-injury function.
Rich Ives
VP, Workers’ Compensation Claims, Constitution State Services
As the leader of the Workers Compensation Claim team, Rich Ives steers transformational change focused on organizational automation and the development of industry leading predictive modeling and analytics. Rich brings more than 15 years of experience transforming organizational performance and driving innovation and the delivery of competitive consumer products, primarily in the insurance industry.
Linda Foy, CPHRM
AVP, Enterprise Risk Management, Catholic Health
Linda Foy brings a wealth of health care risk management experience to her role at Catholic Health, a Long Island New York based health system with 6 acute care hospitals, 3 long term care facilities, hospice, homecare and a large social services agency employing over 18,000 individuals. She has more than 30 years of healthcare and professional liability carrier experience.
Anthony Maros
Director, Integrated Enterprise Digital Marketing, Travelers
Anthony Maros is a Director in Enterprise Integrated Marketing at Travelers, where he leads cross channel promotion of Business Insurance content designed to help Travelers customers and prospects protect their employees and build their businesses.