National Comp 2022

Brella Networking App F&Q

Have Questions About How Brella Works?


How do I enter the Brella platform?
You will receive Join code, which you have to enter after registering on Brella or logging in with an existing account. You can sign in at

What are the labels for?
The labels help you to match and meet with other relevant attendees.


Can I edit my own information?
Yes. To edit your profile make sure you are on the 'Home Page', and then click the button labelled 'Edit your profile'. Also, you can do it from the 'People' tab, click the button labelled 'You' then click 'Edit Profile'.

Can I add/remove labels after the sign-up page?
Yes. Go on the 'Home Page', click on 'Edit Profile' and then 'Edit Interests'.


How can I find my team members?
Go to the People's tab and use the search field to search by company name.

Can I filter by certain categories I am interested in?
Yes. Go to the People's tab, below the search field you will see a tab labelled Filter where you can filter by interests and goals.

How do I book meetings?
Go to the People's tab and click on the person tab you would like to suggest a meeting with. Then, click on the 'Suggest Meeting' and you can choose a time slot. When you select a time, you'll be shown a text box before sending out the request. Where you can introduce yourself and the reasons why you want to meet this person.

Where can I see my meetings?
You can find your personal chat and Brella's meeting room on the upper side of Brella (message icon).

Will I receive notifications when my meeting will be?
Yes, you will receive a notification 5 mins before the meeting.

If you still can't find an answer to your question or need additional information, feel free to contact Brella at [email protected].


about the conference
  • Date: October 19 to 21, 2022, Las Vegas.
  • All sessions delivered by senior executives from leading organizations
  • Exclusive inside looks at industry-transforming trends
  • Continuing education credits available for some sessions.

  • Ongoing digital sessions year-round.