During the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, MedRisk expanded its nearly 3-year-old telerehab service. Previous expansions to help workers’ comp patients impacted by natural disasters did not produce a significant uptick in telerehab cases.  Patients and adjusters saw hurricanes and wildfires as local and temporary and felt treatment could be delayed for a week or so.

With COVID-19, more areas of the country were substantially affected.  No one knew how long they’d be told to stay home, when clinics might be told to close, or when closed clinics might reopen. Rules varied at state and local levels, and they changed daily, if not hourly.

MedRisk’s Brian Peers, DPT, MBA who oversees its telerehab program, will give a lively presentation, outlining the initiatives the company took to provide continuity of care during the crisis. Dr. Peers will also share lessons learned from the experience, including the response from payers and patients.