Take the Stage at National Comp 2024!

Would you like to speak at National Comp 2024?

National Comp seeks presentations that offer practical solutions, thought-provoking conversations and real-world experience meeting the challenges we all face. The National Comp Advisory Committee gathered for broad-ranging discussions on the topics that are top-of-mind for their own programs, and what they’d like to see on the 2024 conference program.

This list below is far from exhaustive — any topic impacting workers’ comp professionals and employer programs or the industry as a whole will be given equal consideration. Don't forget, we're also looking for the latest studies and research, employer success case studies, promising pilot programs and more. And because everything we do is ultimately about and for the injured worker, we welcome the injured worker perspective onstage – an opportunity to both educate and inspire the workers’ comp community.

  • OSHA Citation? What to Expect, What to Do?
  • AI’s Role in Claims: What Have We Learned, What’s Working and What’s Next?
  • Building Better Partnerships with Unions
  • Exclusive Remedy at Risk? New Trends Raise Concerns
  • Demystifying Collateral
  • Deficient Sleep: The Silent Recovery Barrier
  • The Well Written IME Cover Letter – what it is and why it matters
  • Sub Rosa: Today’s Best Practices
  • Medical Utilization Trends and Insights
  • Best Practices for Managing Pain & Chronic Pain
  • Top Trends in New Medical Technology
  • Terrorism, Weather Events, Social Unrest, Oh My – Keys to Crisis Prep in Comp
  • How Do We Establish Common, Measurable Goals Across the Industry?
  • Addressing the Very Real Risks of the Claims Adjustor Gap
  • Top Trends in Evidence-based Medicine
  • Best Use Cases for Computer Vision in Comp and Safety
  • Pros and Cons of Group Captives for Workers' Comp Exposure
  • Insurtech in WC: Top 5 Misconceptions Explained
  • Cultivating and Sustaining a Quality Provider Network
  • Presumption Law Expansions – Where We Are, Where We’re Headed
  • It’s Not Just IT’s Problem Now: How Cyber Risk Can Hurt Your WC Program
  • Travel claims: Common Pitfalls & Best Practices
  • MSA Update: Best Practices and Strategies
  • Don’t Lose Your Way in the Maze of So-called ‘Zip Code Leaves Laws
  • Successful RTW and Vocational Rehab Strategies
  • The Impact of Successful Accommodations
  • Privacy Isn’t Just About HIPAA — Where Are the Risks for WC?

Here’s a little extra food for thought as you consider your proposal topic or topics:

  • A Fresh Look at Fraud

New technologies have made strides in helping prevent and identify claimant fraud. What are the current trends in claimant fraud and billing fraud in workers’ comp, and where should we be focusing our attention now?

  • Reclaiming the Human Connection

Once upon a time, adjusters actually took statements from injured workers in their homes. Today most claims adjusters have never met an injured worker; they’re unable to make the essential observations about the environment a worker will be recovering in. Nurse Case Managers bridge this gap for catastrophic or complex claims. But how do we bring that same personal connection to bear on more common claims?

  • Learning to Lead: When Great Employees Miss the Mark as Managers

A top claims examiner gets promoted to supervisor, and begins to micromanage everyone to the point of frustration – why? Because learning to lead instead of do is a difficult transition. How do we give new managers the skills they need to lead a high-functioning team?

  • Attracting and Supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders

We need strong, effective leaders to carry the industry forward, but are we building them now? What is needed to convince the next generation to take up management roles and to nurture their development in these new roles?

  • What in Blazes is Kinesiophobia?

Fear of re-injury is a factor in practically every injury claim – is it being addressed effectively? Or is it getting short shrift while other biopsychosocial issues take center stage?

National Comp 2024 will take place Oct. 15-17 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Deadline for proposals is February 13, 2024. Speakers will be notified by April 8, 2024. Visit the Program Information page to learn more about our program tracks, and view this year’s Guidelines before you submit a proposal. 

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