Advances in Medical Imaging
and the Implications on Treatment & Risk Management

Innovation in advanced visualization technology and a trend towards specialization has clinically proven to increase diagnostic accuracy and has been adopted by the leading hospitals and healthcare institutions for more than a decade.

Attendees of the session will learn the key medical imaging related factors that influence the quality and clinical accuracy of radiology reviews with a specific dive into the implications on treatment, claimant health, medical expenses and other claim related financial considerations.

Sponsored by:
Jorey Chernett
CEO & Founder, Authentic 4D
Jorey Chernett founded Authentic4D, an FDA-approved, medical software and teleradiology company, serving the medical and insurance claims and litigation management industries. Chernett led the company in architecting and executing its business model, and taking E4D through key strategic partnerships culminating in a sale to 3M.
Dr. James A. Shirley
Musculoskeletal Radiologist
Dr. Shirley is a private practicing radiologist who also serves as Authentic4D’s Chief Medical Officer. He has extensive experience in building and managing radiology networks as well as the outpatient and hospital-based radiology practices. Prior to joining Authentic4D, James served as Regional Medical Director for Envision Healthcare and Regional Chief Medical Officer for Imaging Advantage.
Sandi Adkins
Sandi Adkins, Senior Claims Manager, Schneider
Sandi Adkins received her Bachelor in Biomedical Science and her MBA. At Schneider, Sandi’s primary responsibilities are oversight of workers’ compensation claims management and systems, processes & reporting for the captive insurance company, INS. Sandi is an active member of Management Women, a local business women’s group promoting professional growth.
Lauren Brown, Executive Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Compex Legal Services
Lauren Brown is  is responsible for Compex Legal Services’ marketing and customer experience initiatives, as well as the company’s relationships with industry partners including technology platforms and service providers. Lauren leads the development of Compex’s community initiatives, including the company’s development of thought leadership and participation in industry events.