Forging Stronger TPA Partnerships with Technology

Successful partnership starts with a team that is open to communication, understands the client partner’s goals and understands the value data and analytics have in creating solutions. Walking through an actual project as an example, we will give you actionable insights into the importance of communication in corporate/TPA partnerships, why an agile approach is critical and the most important step when using technology and analytics: taking action

Sponsored by:
Emilee Weatherred
Team Manager, Consultative Analytics, Broadspire
Weatherred appreciates the challenge and satisfaction of tackling complex projects with her team and aligning those solutions to clients’ needs. Her team partners with clients to improve program health and develop tech-first solutions for their business problems. 
Mark Delew
Vice President, Consultative Analytics, Broadspire
DeLew's expertise is in discerning client needs, developing data analytics solutions, and driving initiatives resulting in measurable outcomes such as cost mitigation, efficiency gains, or optimal customer experience. He strives to support any business decision with rigorous data analysis while remaining people-focused.