National Comp 2022 Call for Presentations

Application deadline extended through March 2nd! Submit your proposal to speak at National Comp this October in Las Vegas!


National Comp 2022: Moving Forward With the Power of Shared Strength

With the world around us in a constant state of flux, it’s never been more vital that we continue to share our knowledge, our experiences and ideas with our peers across the workers’ comp community. National Comp is proud to provide a forum for that exchange again in 2022.

We’ll be back in our Las Vegas home at Mandalay Bay, October 19-21, bringing you thought-provoking ideas and tangible tools that will keep driving results in workers’ compensation.

National Comp is proud to provide thoughtfully curated content spanning the gamut of workers’ comp and injury prevention issues employers face. Secure your slot on this year’s program to present among the top workers’ comp professionals and thought leaders shaping our industry.

For 2022, we’re looking at the issues employers are facing right now and those that lie ahead. Our program will showcase innovative ideas and solutions aligning with today’s complex workers’ compensation environment.

We invite proposals that address the full spectrum of issues facing employers and claims payers. We'd love to see proposals on everything from pandemic concerns and regulatory development quagmires to opioid management and eliminating barriers to return to work. We’re seeking solutions and insights on new and evolving issues that are top of mind for many, including:

  • Managing pandemic and endemic risks
  • The talent gap and the training gap: Ensuring safety training doesn’t fall through the cracks in a difficult labor environment
  • Capitalizing on and furthering the gains of telehealth
  • Preventive strategies for managing employee mental health
  • The ever-evolving legal and regulatory landscape
  • Non-pharmaceutical solutions for pain management
  • Wellness strategies that promote employee health and reduce injury risk
  • Cannabis and claims: We know where it’s legal and where it’s not. But does it work? What are the appropriate and effective applications for medical marijuana and CBD?

Reviewers will evaluate all proposals based on overall quality, relevance to the industry, defined focus within the educational track structure, practical applications of material for attendees, timeliness of the topic and speakers’ qualifications.

What You Need to Know

about speaking at national comp 2022

Please take the time to download and read through National Comp's 2022 proposal requirements and useful suggestions for crafting a dynamic proposal.


Important Deadlines

  • Application Closes: Feb. 23, 2022
  • Deadline extended through March 2, 2022
  • Final Selection: April 25, 2022

If you have any questions or problems submitting this form, email [email protected].

2022 Educational Program Core Values

The profound challenges of the last two years continue to reinforce National Comp’s educational mission. As we select educational presentations for 2022, we’re looking for content that reflects these fundamental themes, common to all of us across industry sectors.

  • Workers Are the Most Vital Asset. Essential workers have been dubbed the heroes of the pandemic, but all workers are essential. We share the goals of keeping them safe and helping injured workers heal. We’re working toward an environment where advocacy is no longer a topic or a program, it’s just what we do. Our educational content should reflect the strong worker-centric ethos the industry needs to meet whatever challenges come next.
  • The Talent Gap Is an Existential Risk. Attracting and retaining talent is a core mission across the workers’ comp industry, now more than ever. But the talent crunch is impacting all our organizations. Staffing shortages lead to shortcuts and injuries. Safety training may play second fiddle to urgent productivity needs. Workers’ comp organizations must look to their own talent needs while supporting employers facing challenges of their own.
  • Technology Is a Strategic Tool. The adaptability of technology has been at the core of solving problems we’ve never faced before, putting viable solutions into the hands of the organizations that need them most. Innovative sensor technology, AI-driven analytics and even facial recognition are now tools being used in ways no one could have imagined even a few years ago. We’re striving to infuse technology throughout our program offerings, with a focus on how it fits into the overall context of the problems organizations are facing now.
  • Resilience Is Essential. As our industry weathers the remainder of this pandemic, we’re asking “How can we be better prepared for the next crisis?” With this year’s programming, we want to facilitate more discussions about the industry’s future, about the influences reshaping the industry, and about the tools employers and workers’ comp professionals need to adapt and excel.
  • Insurance Is Foundational. When you peel back the layers, it’s clear insurance isn’t just about policies and rates. In an uncertain world, the contribution of brokers and carriers goes beyond claims, providing organizations with the essential support they need to solve problems and grow their organizations. National Comp’s mission is to embrace the full range of risk mitigation from prevention through claims management through risk transfer strategies, helping strengthen employers’ workers’ comp risk mitigation programs.

2022 Educational Program Tracks

We’ve aligned our session tracks to reflect the scope of complex issues facing the industry now and moving forward. We seek presentations and presenters who will help attendees address the issues and trends they face across these categories. National Comp seeks a mixture of critical topics, hot-button issues and emerging challenges throughout these tracks.

  • Medical Management/Pharmaceuticals. Navigating a path to the best possible medical outcome isn’t always clear. Advanced diagnostics and treatments aren’t always well understood. Meanwhile, the evolving landscapes of pain management and specialty pharmaceuticals continue to leave the employer and payer communities with more questions than answers. Industry professionals need fresh ideas to help them secure high-quality care for injured workers, while also ensuring that care is appropriate for each individual and cost effective for the payer.
  • Legal/Regulatory. The legal and regulatory landscape impacting the workers’ comp industry seems to change by the hour, from pandemic safety compliance to the ongoing surge in paid-leave legislation and beyond. Workers’ comp professionals need innovative strategies for limiting current exposures and the latest intel on the trends that could impact them around the corner. We’re looking for content that meets these needs and can help employers get the most from their legal resources.
  • Claims/Return to Work. The goals are simple: Administer benefits, get people better, get them back to work. But the roadmap to get there looks different for every organization. National Comp attendees are continuously looking to add to their arsenal of tools and strategies to eliminate obstacles that delay or halt recovery and return to work, including biopsychosocial issues, provider communication gaps and worker education. Whether injuries are common or catastrophic, medical-only or permanently disabling, payers and employers need up-to-date intelligence on the best way to get injured or disabled workers back on the job and back to their lives.
  • Insurance/Risk Finance. With the growing complexity of workers’ compensation risk exposures, employers can’t rely on cookie-cutter solutions to manage their insurance needs. We seek presentations highlighting ways employers can more effectively partner with brokers and insurers to enhance their risk mitigation as well as leverage the best risk transfer strategies to meet their needs.
  • Injury Prevention. Of course, the best claim is the one that never happens. Nationwide, employers are making great strides in reducing injury frequency, while claim severity continues to grow. In order to keep moving the needle, they need the freshest ideas on mitigating injury risks, fostering a strong safety culture, measuring results and getting the executive buy-in they need to support their efforts.
  • Steal These Ideas! Inspired by our popular presentation of Teddy Award-winning workers’ comp programs, this track will feature employer-focused real-world solutions being put in practice right now and achieving measurable results, with peer-to-peer guidance on lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Industry and Talent. This track includes the high-level topics impacting the workers’ comp industry, including the intensifying pressures of the talent gap. What are the macro pressures impacting the workers’ comp industry, and what are their implications for the broader workers’ comp community? What are the trends that should be brought to the table, and what actions should be taken? We seek educational presentations designed to provide attendees with high-level perspectives and strategies that organizations need right now.
  • CompTalks are dynamic 15-minute solo presentations — TED Talk style, but for the workers’ comp industry. CompTalks are designed to create a platform for the issues and ideas that workers’ comp leaders are passionate about sharing with the broader community.

Please take the time to download and read through National Comp's 2022 Proposal Requirements and useful suggestions for crafting a dynamic proposal.

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