Navigating the Intersection of Pain Management
and Psychotropic Drugs

Approximately 39 million adults in the United States have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. These conditions include some type of mood and anxiety disorders, and studies have shown that these patients are more likely to be prescribed opioids and to remain on opioids long-term. Studies have also revealed that patients with mental health disorders commonly experience pain and are twice as likely to use opioids on a long-term basis as compared to the rest of the population. If we extrapolate these numbers to workers’ compensation it becomes clear that regardless of whether the psych component is compensable, the presence of psychotropic drugs is high and will have an impact on both direct drug costs as well as outcomes. This presentation will examine the type of psychotropic drugs that claims professionals are likely to encounter, the side effects and precautions related to taking them along with pain medication, and strategies to avoid complications from this intersection.

Phil Walls
Chief Clinical Officer, myMatrixx
Phil Walls oversees all aspects of myMatrixx’s clinical program, including drug utilization review, formulary management, drug regimen reviews and targeted intervention with prescribing physicians. Phil is a clinical pharmacist with over 40 years of experience in pharmacy, health care informatics and workers’ compensation. He is a published author and frequent national speaker on clinical issues in workers’ compensation. In recognition of his contributions to the industry, Phil was named CompPharma’s 2015 Person of the Year.
Dr. Marcos Iglesias
Chief Medical Director/Vice President, Travelers and Constitution State Services
Dr. Iglesias is a seasoned physician executive and national speaker with over 30 years of experience in workers' compensation and disability management, evaluation and insurance leadership. His professional interests include the prevention and mitigation of delayed recovery and disability. His passion for helping workers live active, productive and fulfilling lives has led him to develop innovative comprehensive disability management solutions that focus on early identification of risk factors and appropriate early interventions to help employees in their functional recovery path. Dr. Iglesias leads Travelers’ medical innovation and strategy team.