National Comp Virtual Conference 2020

Our 2020 Virtual One-Day Conference is now available on-demand. Register now to attend our Ongoing Digital Session Series throughout the year.


2020 National Comp
Virtual Conference Highlights

National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference — National Comp — was delivered virtually in 2020, and now you can view all the amazing sessions on demand.

2020 Virtual Event Highlights

KEYNOTE: The 5 Most Critical Challenges Facing Workers' Comp in the COVID Era

Join us for a dynamic leadership panel that will take the short and long view of our changed – and still changing – world, and the challenges that lie in front of us, and how we can transform those challenges into opportunities and growth.

The Link Between Physical Health and Behavioral Health Is Stronger Than You Think

Mental health can have a significant impact on physical health. Learn what to do, watch for, and ask when navigating workers’ comp claims that include mood disorders, trauma and stress-related disorders and substance use disorders.

The Teddy Awards Present: Excellence in Action 2020

The National Workers' Compensation and Disability Management Awards — the Teddy Awards — present a special panel featuring leaders from top organizations, sharing the strategies and innovative thinkin that have fueled them to success in the face of a complex global crisis.

Workers' Comp Regulatory and Legislative Trends that Belong on Your Radar for 2021

This session will provide a high-level overview of the top regulatory and legislative trends seen in the workers’ compensation arena, including PBM/pharmacy, biopsychosocial model adoption, presumptions, employee classification, and telemedicine.

Going for the Gold:
From Injured Worker to Star Performer

How did Olympian Mary Lou Retton win a gold medal a few months after a serious knee injury? And more importantly for the workers’ compensation industry, how can we apply these lessons to help injured workers to heal and return to star performer status?

Passing the Torch Without a Stumble: The Coming Decade of Transition from Old to Young

As the workforce ages, how do we address the departure of industry leaders who have massive amounts of experience and deep/broad institutional knowledge. How do we manage this transition while leveraging a unique opportunity to shift the status quo?

The Faces of Kids' Chance: Meet Gabriella

Since their inception in 1988, Kids’ Chance organizations have awarded over 8,000 scholarships totaling over $27 million dollars. But the numbers don't tell the whole story. Watch Gabriella's story to find out what a difference the industry can make for the families of injured workers and the future of young people across the country.