Standing Ovations: Getting Injured Workers Literally Back on Their Feet

Imagine a world in which everyone is two feet taller than you, and you spend your day gazing up to see their faces. Now imagine your delight if you were suddenly tall enough to look at them and speak to them, face to face.

For an injured worker who has lost the ability to stand and walk, there is an amazing psychological and emotional gratification if they can regain the ability to stand upright and look people in the eye, even if only for a while. Now, medical devices, technology and new approaches to clinical care, claims strategies and collaboration with employers are making this dream a reality. In fact, breakthroughs in workers' compensation rehabilitation are driving this transformation.

Besides the clinical benefits along with the psychological thrill of being able to stand again, the ability to literally get back on their feet brings a host of benefits to both the employee and the employer:

  • Greater engagement in the workplace
  • Fewer physical accommodations are needed on the job
  • Everything - from restrooms to the company kitchen - is more accessible
  • Better health for the long term due to being more active and fit
  • Independence and improved self esteem
  • Reduced employee stress associated in addressing their colleague
Zack Craft, ATP, CRTS
Vice President, National Product Leader - DME and Complex Care, One Call

Zack directs the rehabilitation technology and complex care services for One Call, specializing in assistive technology for severely injured employees. Zack and his team travel the country, evaluating patients in rehabilitation centers and visiting their homes to determine the best home-based treatment approach. Zack also oversees One Call's Life Assessment program that provides a 360° review of claims, evaluating factors that impact patient health and quality of life throughout the claim. Zack serves as an advisory board member for the Shepherd Center Spinal Cord Model System and speaks at various conferences throughout the country.

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