The Future of Technology in the Claims Process

Automation has the potential to continue to make major improvements to the workers’ compensation industry in terms of efficiency, consistency and more. While technological advancements can provide a plethora of benefits, there is still a need for balance between automation and human intervention in workers’ compensation claims processing. In this session, Mitchell Senior Vice President Shahin Hatamian will discuss the future of technology in the claims process, including which processes make sense to automate and which will continue to require the human touch. Attendees will:
● Learn about the main drivers and benefits of automation in workers’ compensation claims processing.
 ● Understand the potential applications of automation in the end-to-end claims process through examples and learn more about striking the right balance between automation and human interaction.
● Hear about the current state of automation across the industry, including available technologies and levels of adoption.

Shahin Hatamian
Senior Vice President, Product Management
Shahin Hatamian is vice president of product management at Mitchell’s Casualty Solutions Group. He is responsible for product direction, marketing and strategic initiatives for Mitchell auto casualty and workers’ compensation solutions. With over 20 years of high-tech industry experience, Shahin has an extensive and proven knowledge of product development, marketing, organizational leadership, business strategy, partnerships and global business. Shahin holds an MSEE and an MBA.