Vision Reset: 5 Goals for Workers’ Comp

After a full century of operation and evolution, the workers’ compensation industry has a clear understanding of its goals, right? Probably, not. Most of us fell into a career in workers’ comp, with no formal training or big picture thought. One result is we would each provide a different description of overall system objectives.

Thinking seriously about what Goals workers’ comp systems are trying to accomplish is particularly important right now as new discussions emerge regarding a better safety net for injured workers, we restart American business following COVID-19 shutdowns, and we seek to attract new talent to this important industry.

This talk describes a simple framework of five, positive goals for workers’ comp systems. With such a framework, every current and new claims and insurance process, service, regulation, legislative reform and recruitment initiative can be considered in light of how they leverage and support these goals.

Bill Minick
Chairman, PartnerSource

Bill Minick is a consultant serving the injury benefit and workers’ compensation industries through collaborations that advance better outcomes for injured workers and employers. For more than 30 years, he has fostered partnerships with insurance brokers, TPA’s, insurers, regulators, law firms, medical managers and others to deliver best-in-class benefits and liability coverage, better medical outcomes for millions of injured workers, and billions of dollars in economic development. Minick has also been the catalyst for advancing interest across the U.S. in competitive, responsible alternatives to workers’ comp, and in the process, developed new insurance products, written new laws, and motivated various state workers’ comp system improvements. Click here to learn more about Bill, read his Risk Insider posts at Risk & Insurance, or contact him directly via email.

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