Speaking with One Voice: Building a Culture
of Injured Worker Advocacy

How do you change how thousands of people, representing tens of thousands of years of experience, talk to injured workers? You rewrite the dictionary from the ground up. When Helmsman Management Services decided to recommit to injured worker advocacy, it wanted more than a slogan and warm feelings, it wanted a new operational reality.

This series of problem-solving case studies will dive into how it conducted this transformation at scale, discussing tested techniques for embedding ideas, operationalizing new ways of thinking and working, rolling it all out and measuring performance across a coast-to-coast footprint of workers’ compensation professionals handling active caseloads. Join the discussion and walk away with practical lessons about making cultural change, and injured worker advocacy, real at your organization.

Julie Horton
Assistant Claims Product Manager – Workers Compensation, Helmsman Management Services
Julie Horton oversees the Strategy and Operations teams for the Workers Compensation claims organization. Her team and her are responsible for the key business operational functions including controls, regulatory compliance, and organizational efficiency/accuracy as well as strategic initiatives for the Workers Compensation claims organization.
Sarah Sullivan
Senior Claims Strategic Initiatives Manager, Workers Compensation, Helmsman Management Services
Sarah Sullivan, CPCU, joined Helmsman Management Services in 2006. She currently is a Senior Claims Strategic Initiatives Manager for the workers’ compensation organization. Her team is responsible for providing operational support for the regions, setting our claims handling philosophy and practices, and working with the field on initiatives for the workers’ compensation line. Prior to this role, Sarah held various roles in Claims Analytics & Financial Analysis at Liberty Mutual.