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Navigating a path to the best possible medical outcome has never been more challenging, with the array of advanced diagnostics and treatments available. Meanwhile, the evolving landscapes of pain management and specialty pharmaceuticals continue to leave the employer and payer communities with more questions than answers. These presentations are designed to support the goal of providing the best possible outcomes for workers, while effectively managing costs.

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Sponsored Session 9/22/21

Beyond Physical: Improving Recovery for Injured Employees Requires a Holistic Approach

Join us as we go “beyond the physical” and dig into the complexities of biopsychosocial factors that play a role in an employee’s recovery from a workplace injury.
Sponsored Session 8/18/21

Advances in Medical Imaging and the Implications on Treatment & Risk Management

Learn key medical imaging related factors that impact the quality and accuracy of radiology reviews, and dive into the implications on treatment, worker health, medical costs and more.
Digital Session 8/4/21

Identifying and Overcoming Psychosocial Barriers to Recovery From Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

This session will explore the neuroscience behind psychosocial risk factors and pain processing and discuss how these factors can have an impact on both the pain experience as well as the outcome.
Digital Session 6/23/21

Embracing Nurse Triage and Telehealth in Workers' Compensation

Nurse Triage and telemedicine — does this marriage have application for employers with a large deductible or fully insured program who are with a carrier? What is the potential impact of nurse triage/telehealth on TCOR, and on access to care for injured workers? Register and learn more.
Digital Session 4/14/21

Navigating the Intersection of Pain Management and Psychotropic Drugs

Whether or not the psych component of a claim is compensable, psychotropic drugs can impact costs as well as outcomes. Learn about the types of psychotropic drugs you may encounter, what to watch for, and what to avoid.
Digital Session 1/27/21

What’s a Doctor to Do: Alternatives to Opioids in the Management of Pain

Even if we solve the opioid crisis, are there other dangerous drugs on the horizon? In this session, learn more about pharmacovigilance, which uses pharmaceutical data to minimize drug therapy risk.
Sponsored Session 12/16/20

How to Double Your Savings for Surgical Implants: A New Approach to Cost Containment

The cost of surgical implants can often be a pain point for payers. This program reviews a case study comparison of surgical implant cost savings, outlining the value of one comprehensive solution
Digital Session 12/9/20

Empathy & Engagement:
The Process of Putting ​Patients First in Workers’ Comp​

Learn how true empathy and engagement can be incorporated into the overall design of medical/pharmacy management programs — maximizing both efficiency and quality of care.
Digital Session 11/5/20

Building off of a pharmacy program to structure
a strong settlement

Find out how pharmacy program tools are the perfect springboard to set a claim up for settlement and appropriate allocations amounts for CMS submission.

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