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Sponsored Session 12/13/21

Navigating What’s Next: Managing Claims in a Changing Comp Industry

With COVID, increases in comorbidities, the shift to remote work, and expansion of pharmaceutical protocols and state regs, workers’ comp professionals face unprecedented shifts in the industry. This session will help you meet today’s challenges and prepare for what’s coming.

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Sponsored Session 9/29/21

Safety and Risk Metrics: Driving Accountability in the Field

Metrics can be the common language that unites operations, safety and risk. Learn how an emerging wave of smart technology is using “big data” tactics to help companies predict issues before they even happen and alert workers about potential dangers.
Sponsored Session 9/22/21

Beyond Physical: Improving Recovery for Injured Employees Requires a Holistic Approach

Join us as we go “beyond the physical” and dig into the complexities of biopsychosocial factors that play a role in an employee’s recovery from a workplace injury.
Sponsored Session 8/18/21

Advances in Medical Imaging and the Implications on Treatment & Risk Management

Learn key medical imaging related factors that impact the quality and accuracy of radiology reviews, and dive into the implications on treatment, worker health, medical costs and more.
Digital Session 8/11/21

Risk Transfer for Workers’ Compensation: A Strategy to Help Protect Your Business

Risk mitigation and control strategies can positively impact the bottom line. Learn how risk transfer allocates risk equitably, placing responsibility for risk to those who have an ability to control and insure against that risk.

Digital Session 8/4/21

Identifying and Overcoming Psychosocial Barriers to Recovery From Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

This session will explore the neuroscience behind psychosocial risk factors and pain processing and discuss how these factors can have an impact on both the pain experience as well as the outcome.

Digital Session 6/23/21

Embracing Nurse Triage and Telehealth in Workers' Compensation

Nurse Triage and telemedicine have been embraced by self-insured employers, but does this marriage have application for employers with a large deductible or fully insured program who are with a carrier? What is the potential impact of nurse triage/telehealth on TCOR, and on access to care for injured workers? Register and learn more.

Digital Session 6/9/21

The Future of Technology
in the Claims Process

While technological advancements can provide a plethora of benefits, there is still a need for balance. Learn more about the future of technology in the claims process, including which processes make sense to automate and which will continue to require the human touch.

Digital Session 5/26/21

From 'Closed for Business' to 'Open for Resilience': Perspectives on Mapping the Workers' Comp Path Forward

Four workers' comp leaders address the obstacles still in front of us, and the keys to maximizing the opportunities we've discovered to drive resiliency across organizations.

Sponsored Session 5/12/21

How LA County Embraces Technology to Create a World Class Risk and Claims Management Program

Learn about the risk and claims management journey that LA County has taken to digitize their processes over the past three years, developing a line of sight by which all departments have a greater visibility into cost reduction.
Digital Session 5/5/21

Speaking with One Voice:
Building a Culture of Injured Worker Advocacy

How do you change how thousands of people, representing tens of thousands of years of experience, talk to injured workers? You push past a slogan and warm feelings and rewrite the dictionary from the ground up. Find out how.

Digital Session 4/28/21

Onsite Return to Work:
A Sikorsky Approach

After Lockheed Martin acquired Sikorsky, new medical treatment RTW protocols were developed. Learn more about how these protocols have been incorporated into an onsite RTW program which has resulted in a 49% reduction in the number of lost time days.
Digital Session 4/14/21

Navigating the Intersection of Pain Management and Psychotropic Drugs

Whether or not the psych component of a claim is compensable, psychotropic drugs can impact costs as well as outcomes. Learn about the types of psychotropic drugs you may encounter, what to watch for, and what to avoid.

Digital Session 4/7/21

Are We Driving the Model of Employee Health without a Locomotor? It’s Time to Take Musculoskeletal Health MainstreaM

Learn about developing a proactive self-care model for preventing musculoskeletal concerns, and the value of occupational athletic training for preventive musculoskeletal health for employees.
Sponsored Session 3/31/21

Improving Engagement in a Connected World: The Worker, The Employer, The Provider, The Technology and You

This session will take a deeper look at how critical engagement is for claims professionals and examine ways to leverage technology to improve engagement for all parties on a claim.
Sponsored Session 3/24/21

The Pareto Principle: Applying the 80/20 Rule to the Connected Claim in Workers’ Comp

In this session, learn how applying the 80/20 rule to workers’ comp claims processing helps injured workers get back to work, and drives better outcomes across the organization.
Sponsored Session 3/10/21

A Disruptive Year for Workers’ Comp: Insights from the 2020 Industry Survey

How have COVID-19 and other developments impacted the workers’ comp industry? Dr. Brittany Derenoncourt, will present key findings from the 2020 Workers’ Comp Industry Survey, along with perspective and commentary from a panel of industry thought leaders.
Digital Session 3/3/21

Shrinking the Work Comp Talent Gap and Shaping Future Leaders

This panel will explore crucial strategies for inspiring young professionals. promoting growth opportunities within the industry, attracting young talent, and providing mentoring opportunities to close the talent gap.
Digital Session 2/23/21

Navigating the Maze of Paid Family Leave Laws: The Latest Decisions That Could Affect Your Company

Navigating jurisdictional changes in PFML/PFL laws and applying them to your program is a significant challenge. Learn strategies to maximize success in the wake of these changes.
Digital Session 2/9/21

Recipe for Success:
A Workers’ Compensation Program That is Well-Done

Chick-Fil-A is also known for its creative and steadfast commitment to its employees. In this session, learn pragmatic and practical suggestions for establishing and refining an advocacy program.
Digital Session 1/27/21

What’s a Doctor to Do: Alternatives to Opioids in the Management of Pain

Even if we solve the opioid crisis, are there other dangerous drugs on the horizon? In this session, learn more about pharmacovigilance, which uses pharmaceutical data to minimize drug therapy risk.
Sponsored Session 1/13/21

When to Build vs Buy:
Time to Rethink AI Claims Enterprise Cloud Solutions

In the cloud era, building fundamentals have changed significantly in terms of resources, effort, and time. Join us as we re-examine long-standing arguments and refresh thinking on this topic.
Sponsored Session 12/16/20

How to Double Your Savings for Surgical Implants: A New Approach to Cost Containment

The cost of surgical implants can often be a pain point for payers. This program reviews a case study comparison of surgical implant cost savings, outlining the value of one comprehensive solution.
Digital Session 12/9/20

Empathy & Engagement:
The Process of Putting ​Patients First in Workers’ Comp​

Learn how true empathy and engagement can be incorporated into the overall design of medical/pharmacy management programs — maximizing both efficiency and quality of care.
Sponsored Session 11/18/20

Forging Stronger TPA Partnerships with Technology

A successful partnership starts with a team that is open to communication, has a deep understanding of the client partner’s goals, and grasps the value of data and analytics in creating solutions.
Digital Session 11/10/20

Survey Says! What Your Claims Workforce Really Thinks & Strategies to Optimize Your Talent Pool

This session showcases results from the annual Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study and the stakes of retaining and attracting frontline talent to the workers’ comp industry.
Digital Session 11/5/20

Building off of a pharmacy program to structure
a strong settlement

Find out how pharmacy program tools are the perfect springboard to set a claim up for settlement and appropriate allocations amounts for CMS submission.

National Comp's Oct. 21 one-day virtual event is now available

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