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Claims/Return to Work

Administer benefits, get people better, get them back to work. Simple goals that are rarely simple to achieve. Whether injuries are common or catastrophic, medical only or permanently disabling, payers and employers need up-to-date intelligence on the best way to get injured or disabled workers back on the job and back to their lives. Presentations in the Claims/Return to Work track were selected to boost the arsenal of tools and strategies you rely on.

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Digital Session 6/9/21

The Future of Technology
in the Claims Process

While technological advancements can provide a plethora of benefits, there is still a need for balance. Learn more about the future of technology in the claims process, including which processes make sense to automate and which will continue to require the human touch.
Sponsored Session 5/12/21

How LA County Embraces Technology to Create a World Class Risk and Claims Management Program

Learn about the risk and claims management journey that LA County has taken to digitize their processes over the past three years, developing a line of sight by which all departments have a greater visibility into cost reduction.
Digital Session 5/5/21

Speaking with One Voice:
Building a Culture of Injured Worker Advocacy

How do you change how thousands of people, representing tens of thousands of years of experience, talk to injured workers? You push past a slogan and warm feelings and rewrite the dictionary from the ground up. Find out how.
Digital Session 4/28/21

Onsite Return to Work:
A Sikorsky Approach

Since Lockheed Martin acquired Sikorsky, medical treatment return-to-work protocols have been incorporated into an onsite RTW program. Find out how that has resulted in a 49% reduction in the number of lost time days.
Sponsored Session 3/31/21

Improving Engagement in a Connected World: The Worker, The Employer, The Provider, The Technology and You

This session will take a deeper look at how critical engagement is for claims professionals and examine ways to leverage technology to improve engagement for all parties on a claim.
Sponsored Session 3/24/21

The Pareto Principle: Applying the 80/20 Rule to the Connected Claim in Workers’ Comp

In this session, learn how applying the 80/20 rule to workers’ comp claims processing helps injured workers get back to work, and drives better outcomes across the organization.
Digital Session 2/9/21

Recipe for Success:
A Workers’ Compensation Program That is Well-Done

Chick-Fil-A is also known for its creative and steadfast commitment to its employees. In this session, learn pragmatic and practical suggestions for establishing and refining an advocacy program.
Sponsored Session 1/13/21

When to Build vs Buy:
Time to Rethink AI Claims Enterprise Cloud Solutions

In the cloud era, building fundamentals have changed significantly in terms of resources, effort, and time. Join us as we re-examine long-standing arguments and refresh thinking on this topic.
Sponsored Session 11/18/20

Forging Stronger TPA Partnerships with Technology

A successful partnership starts with a team that is open to communication, has a deep understanding of the client partner’s goals, and grasps the value of data and analytics in creating solutions.

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