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The oft-discussed talent gap has been felt as acutely across our industry as any other. That’s why it’s the right time to spark more conversations about recruitment and retention, about furthering diversity and about the skills and expertise an evolving industry needs. This year's program includes presentations that take a high-level look at this issue, as well as others that impact the health and growth of the industry, and the careers of those who serve it.
Digital Session 5/26/21

From 'Closed for Business' to 'Open for Resilience': Perspectives on Mapping the Workers' Comp Path Forward

Four workers' comp leaders address the obstacles still in front of us, and the keys to maximizing the opportunities we've discovered to drive resiliency across organizations.
Sponsored Session 3/10/21

A Disruptive Year for Workers’ Comp: Insights from the 2020 Industry Survey

How have COVID-19 and other developments impacted the workers’ comp industry? Dr. Brittany Derenoncourt, will present key findings from the 2020 Workers’ Comp Industry Survey, along with perspective and commentary from a panel of industry thought leaders.
Digital Session 3/3/21

Shrinking the Work Comp Talent Gap and Shaping Future Leaders

This panel will explore crucial strategies for inspiring young professionals. promoting growth opportunities within the industry, attracting young talent, and providing mentoring opportunities to close the talent gap.
Sponsored Session 11/18/20

Forging Stronger TPA Partnerships with Technology

A successful partnership starts with a team that is open to communication, has a deep understanding of the client partner’s goals, and grasps the value of data and analytics in creating solutions.
Digital Session 11/10/20

Survey Says! What Your Claims Workforce Really Thinks & Strategies to Optimize Your Talent Pool

This session showcases results from the annual Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study and the stakes of retaining and attracting frontline talent to the workers’ comp industry.

National Comp's Oct. 21 one-day virtual event is now available

This full day of dynamic content is available for easy viewing. Check out the CEO keynote panel, The 5 Most Critical Challenges Facing Workers' Comp in the COVID Era, and much more.